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  How To Start A Saltwater Aquarium

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  Reef Tanks

 How to Start A Saltwater Aquarium !

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         Chances are you have been walking through the mall and or waiting at a doctor’s office and have seen the most amazing tank every having the biggest and brightest fish and crabs and sea anemones, and you find it fascinating! These are reef tanks! With a lot of research and some hard work, you too can recreate a small ocean paradise within your own living room. You have the opportunity to choose between a reef tank, Fish only tank, or a variety of other options.

          You should know that entering into the saltwater community is not the easiest thing to do, it is not a hobby that is entered lightly, and you will have to plan on spending some time researching lighting, tank size, supplies, the right equipment, filters and a large amount of time research the live stock you plan on keeping. I will try to help you set up an aquarium, whether you are looking to set up reef tanks, coral tank, or a fish only tank. Reef tanks are the most difficult but are a great possiblity if you are looking to set a reef tank

I will also do my best to help you when saltwater aquarium algae sets in, or to help you if disaster sets in. Most people believe that saltwater fish are the most difficult and expensive thing to deal with, in fact it is all a myth. You can figure out how to have a cheaper tank, and minimize saltwater supplies. Reef tanks are a fantastic family activity, and are a great way to teach young adults how to set up a saltwater aquarium.

There are so many variations that you get to decide when you are wondering how to start a saltwater aquarium, you have a great deal of questions to ask yourself.

Should I start a reef tank?

Do I want live rock in my saltwater aquarium?

Do I put sand in my saltwater aquarium?

Are glass Fish tanks best?

Should I have a coral reef aquarium?

Saltwater aquarium algae set in now what?

Fish tank corals are so expensive how do I save money?

Setting up a saltwater aquarium what went wrong?


Have a look around, I am working very hard to help you solve these problems, I would love for you to leave me some feedback on my blog. Reef tanks are a life long facination of mine, and I will do my very best in helping you to set up your saltwater aquarium, or to better your reef tanks.

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