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UV Sterilizers can be beneficial to both Reef and Fish Only tanks

What is the sterilizer?

It is a container, usually in a near tube shape, in which an ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent lamp is contained. The lamp emits light at around 254 nm. The lamp is in a container of its own to shield it from the water, and then there is an outer container. The lamp is constructed of quartz glass to prevent the UV being absorbed as it would be if ordinary glass were used. The space between the containers is very small allowing full penetration of UV light. The water is passed between the outer and inner containers by a pump or power head.  It is very important that you have a UV sterilizer that is rated for your aquarium size.

What does a UV sterilizer in a reef tank or a Fish only tank do?

The major job of the unit as far as aquarists are concerned is the destruction of minute free swimming parasites and other disease causing organisms. The organism must be in the UV area for a sufficient time.) The threat of disease is reduced, but not entirely removed. This occurs when these organisms pass with the water through the UV light. They are either killed outright, or are severely damaged and no longer a threat. (This is the reason it is important to have the correct sized pump.)

 Sterilizers are a good tool in order to keep away certain diseases, but the at home aquarist must still be on the look out for disease.It is also important to research the disease that is expected, Ich is one disease that a UV sterilizer might combat a small amount but other treatment will be necessary. As with any aquarium disease it is very important to throughout Research the disease that is expected. A UV sterilizer is very effective in helping to combat brookynella, a fairly common disease known as clown fish disease. A further very important point is that the UV lamp has a limited life, bulbs need to changed out according to the recommendation of the manufacture.


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